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What is Tantric Yoga?! 🤔

Tantric Yoga is an ancient system of energy management. We progressively learn to „work" with our energy.

Stage 1 - MOON 🌕

By cultivating calmness, stability and non reactivity in the mind, we become aware of our energy.

Stage 2 - SUN ☀️

Once we are calm & stable, we learn to build energy using breath & focus.

Stage 3 - FIRE 🔥

Only when we master Stage 1 & 2 are we ready to unite the MOON & SUN qualities and direct energy to empower whatever we focus on in our lives.

👉 This is how Tantric Hatha Yoga classes are built on.

☝️It is crucial to master each stage first. I’ve been practicing MOON for more than a year before moving on to the more advanced tantric practices. Getting calm first... 🤪

"Once the moon is made steady, the sun can be made to rise".

Yogarupa Rod Stryker

In the Tantric Yoga tradition the main focus is our energetic body, the so called Pranamaya Kosha.

The practices are focused on generating the power to transform the shape of your life other than to change shape of your body.

It’s not about exercice, not about sweating - but about mastering prana (energy).


Stage 1 - MOON

The MOON Hatha yoga practice is a deep & nourishing yoga practice that brings stability and calmness to the body & mind. We focus on forward folds and twists, longer held stretches and a deepening of the exhalations. Energetically we work with the lower energy fields such as Apana (downward flow of energy, responsible for all elimination) and Samana (situated in the navel it is responsible for balance & assimilation). Both mental & physical. The practice is all about understanding the value of slowing down. 👉 Experience MOON - online or in person


Stage 2 - SUN

In the SUN Hatha yoga practice we (obviously) bring the MOON qualities with us. Always! ☝️

“Always take the moon with you!"

My teacher Octavio Salvado once even said we should tattoo this on our body! 😎

We work with the inhalations, mainly focusing on the higher pranic (energy) fields such as Prana (situated in the heart, pervading the chest region) and Vyana (situated in the heart and lungs, flowing throughout the entire body). Backbends & lateral asanas prepare our bodies to access and work with these powerful energies. Pranayama (breathing techniques) helps us directing the energies in to the heart for the most important part of practice: meditation. 💓🙏🏼

Are you ready for a full & deep 2 hours SUN practice?!

Classes are also though in English - just contact me.


Stage 3 - FIRE

The ultimate stage!

We save this one for later... 😉 First, let's master stage 1 & 2.



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