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Live Online Yoga - All you need to know about it

Aktualisiert: 2. Apr. 2020

An introduction on how to set up for my live online yoga classes and what makes them so special.

You might wonder what the difference is of a paid live online yoga class and a free recorded online yoga video, other than the financial investment. 🤔

That's an easy one to answer:

Free recorded yoga videos are great! But if you miss your regular class in a yoga studio, where you meet with the community, where you share your practice, where you are seen and if needed - also adjusted, where the teacher adapts to your pace and your needs...

then a live online yoga class is for you!

What makes my live online yoga classes so special:

  • authentic, personal & easy atmosphere

  • max. 8 yogis (so that I can see and work with each of you)

  • fun (I'm just fun, I can't help it 🤷😁)

  • I've set up a lovely home yoga "studio" with much love 🌹

  • You can see some of my uncountable plants in my home yoga studio 🌴💐🌿 (just in case you are a plant lover and you really care about that)

What equipment you need:

  • Laptop (recommended for a good view of the teacher 😉) or phone

  • Speakers (if sound of your device is not good enough) or wireless headphones

  • A yoga mat or a non-slip carpet (find the best yoga mat here)

  • Optional: Cushion, blanket & blocks

  • Zoom App (with the laptop you can directly click on the link you receive)

How to set up your home yoga space:

Place your yoga mat in a diagonal line to the screen so that you can comfortably face the teacher and the teacher has a good front/side view of you.

Placing your device about 2 meters away from your mat will give the teacher a good view of your whole body (if you have the space).

How to book a class:

  1. Choose the class you want to attend.

  2. Follow all the steps until you reach the page where you can choose payment options.

  3. Choose to pay the normal price or an individual investment by clicking (“vor Ort bezahlen”) and finally book the class.

  4. You’ll receive a confirmation mail (with further payment options).

How to join the class:

  1. 30 min. prior to the class you’ll receive an email with the Meeting ID & password.

  2. Click on the Zoom link, join the virtual class room.

  3. Set up yourself, adjust camera, make sure the sound works too.

  4. Just before the class starts, please change your view to “speakers view” so you can see the teacher in full screen.

👉 Practice with me and ENJOY!

Looking forward to meet you on the mat! 🙌

With love 💕


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