Downward Facing Dog

Persönlich & Individuell

Yoga nach deinen Bedürfnissen.

Zur Gesundheitsvorsorge, Behandlung spezifischer Schwachstellen, Stressmanagement oder zur Meisterung herausfordernder Situationen - 

zusammen finden wir das, was DU brauchst! 


Ort: nach Vereinbarung


Preis: CHF 90 / 60 Minuten

"The best way to find out if it will work is to do it."

Simon Sinek

Personalised Yoga VIDEO

for your Home Practice

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A personalised practice with a holistic approach that meets all of your needs.

Physically, mentally & spiritually. 

With the emphasize on your personal needs and an ayurvedic & tantric hatha yoga aproach, we will evaluate the kind & length of practice(s) that matche(s) your schedule!

30 min consultation
20 min practice Intro
60 min practice video('s)

Investment: CHF 108.-

You'll get a personal high quality practice that supports you with the challenges in your daily life.

It is not a workout. It is a life practice. YOUR life practice. 🌱

The quality of your practice is ultimately measured by its effect on the quality of your life. In other words, mastery in yoga is mastery of life.
Yogarupa Rod Stryker